Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday....Easter Dresses For Little Girls

Happy Wednesday!
Every time I see this I laugh out loud!
So, I cannot even believe that Easter is literally right around the corner.  I remember being a little girl, and going shopping every year for a special Easter dress, brand new white patent leather shoes, and an Easter bonnet, I always loved getting dressed up for Easter.  When I became a mom I had the most fun dressing Brooke in the cutest little Easter dresses, and Harrison in some seriously cute sweater vests, and now that my kids aren't so little anymore it just isn't so fun dressing for the holidays.  Olivia still likes to get dressed up, but the boys, forget about's Nike basketball shorts, Nike Elite Socks, and some type of Tshirt, every day, holiday or not! 
I am actually heading out this week to get all my Easter basket goodies and will be picking up a sweet little dress for Olivia....I have come across a few cute ones, but I think I am going with this one...
I am not sure what exactly it is about this dress...but I just love it...maybe because it has a bunny on it, I am thinking it should be Olivia's Easter dress!
I am also loving this springy and sweet!
This dress is just adorable!  Olivia may "need" this one!
I get quite a few things from Target for Olivia, and they seriously have some super cute dresses out this spring!  Here are a few of my Target faves!
Loving this dress...anything tulle is a must for Olivia!
Adorable....and only $24.99 for this dress!
I think this dress is just fun!
Chevron .....that's all I have to say!!
So there are a few dresses for little girls that I am loving right now!!!  If you have a favorite "go-to" store for dresses for your little sure to let me know!
Have a great day!


  1. Have fun shopping! I love all of your choices. I went with all white this year for Cate. I actually bought it on sale last year, it has multiple layers and she instantly fell in love with it and twirls in it all the time. But I told her we are saving it for Easter.

    1. I love a white dress for little girls

  2. Ok that first dress is PRECIOUS and so fun!!! They all are!!! And the quote at the beginning is hysterical- how have I never seen that!???? I love target for claire too, as well as Gymboree (outlets!), and I get quite a bit on Zulily!!! Have a great day!

    1. Target rules!!! Have a great day....and I have never shopped on Zulilly....I should right???

  3. I'm loving the first one with the bunny , I may get that one for my little one for Easter, thanks for sharing!