Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up....Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday Girls!  We are all pretty excited over here because Spring Break starts Friday, and we have the whole week off next week!!!!
It was so fun yesterday reading about everyone's favorite nail polishes...I jotted a few down that look great to me...I am excited to try them!
Once again, we another busy weekend.  We only played a one day tournament this weekend, which was a welcome break!
On Friday it was cold and rainy...our weather has been ridiculous here lately...80 one day, then 40 the next....so over it!
I dropped the little kids off to school, yes in my pajamas, then came home and sat on the couch for a bit with some of my favorite cookies....I enjoyed it!!!
I had told you guys last week that we had a pipe that was leaking...well it is now a bit more involved and we are ripping up carpet and hardwood floors...they all need to be replaced....on Friday the guys started ripping things apart....

The crew came out on Friday and started ripping things apart to dry everything out....

We will have fans and such running for the next 36 hours straight...it is very loud and I will be very happy when they come back Monday and get all this crap out of here!!!
As I was sitting on the couch as they were tearing things apart, I was pretty much ready to kill my cat...she insists on eating my flowers and it is really starting to annoy the heck out of me....
Anyone want a cat.....HA....and yes that is blue tape running across my carpet...lots of fans plugged in over here!!!!!
AJ is a pretty funny kid...he pretty much makes us laugh every day....on Friday night he came down after his shower explaining to us about his back up career plans incase being a professional athlete or sniper don't pan out for him
We were happy to hear he has some back up plans!  Love this kid.
Harrison was away for the weekend, and with all the loud equipment we have running in the house, the two little ones decided it was best if they slept in Harrison's room and watched TV in there....
I texted this picture to Harrison, he wasn't super thrilled they were crashing in his room, but said it was OK that they slept in there...I am thinking they were going to whether Harrison said yes or not!  Ha!
Saturday morning we got to sleep in a bit because AJ's first game wasn't until 1:30!  Our weather lately has just been ridiculous...one day it is 80, the next it is like 40!  It was freezing here Saturday...and it was so windy!
AJ had to get in a little skate practice before his game...yes he is wearing shorts, and yes it was like 30 degrees!!!  Crazy kid!
AJ rode with his coach to the game since they have to be there an hour before, so we took Jack and grabbed some lunch before the game.  Always always fun getting some one on one time with him, even if it was just a quick 30 minute meal!
AJ at short stop...that is where he truly shines!

My boy up at bat!!!  His hitting has exploded this year...so proud!

He is ready!

Watching him play is such a joy for me!

He is also a pretty good pitcher....love our #2!
Our second game was delayed over an hour...so what we thought wasn't going to be a super long day at the ball field, turned out to be pretty long!  We got home around 7:30, and we were all cold and tired!  I got home and wasn't feeling well at all, so I immediately changed into my comfy clothes and got some cuddle time in with Olivia!
That crazy toothless smile....so sweet!
Then we just hung out, watched some TV and went to bed nice and early!
Sunday morning we all slept until after 9:30 and it was glorious!  I was very happy to not have to spend the day at the ball field, I really needed to get things done at home!   Mark took the boys to the drag race, it is their favorite kind of race to go to! Like usual, they had the BEST time!
In their glory!
It was sunny, but FREEZING out...so Olivia bundled up and headed out to ride AJ's skateboard!
She was so proud!

Sweet girl!
It was then dinner, showers and bed for everyone!  We are all super excited that Thursday is the last day of school and spring break starts!  We are all ready for some down time! 
Be sure to check back tomorrow, I'll be sharing some things that will be going in our Easter baskets!
Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And hooray for Spring Break!! WOOT! WOOT!

    1. Girl we are so ready for spring break

  2. Your posts are interesting and sweet, but maybe tone down all the exclamation points. I've never seen someone write an entire blog posts using only exclamation points and no periods..

    1. I appreciate your kind words...and I guess as I am typing I am excited and don't even realize I am using so many exclamation points. I will definitely work on that, as always, I do appreciate constructive criticism. Have a great day!

  3. Um... you were not feeling well, and then you snuggled with your child?! Are you into spreading germs - and you want to deal with a sick child(ren) later? And please lessen the exclamation points.

    1. I guess I should have clarified...I had a horrible headache...so yes I wasn't feeling well. No I am not into spreading germs and no I don't really like having to deal with sick kiddos. As a mother to 5, I am fairly confident I know how to not intentionally spread germs to my child:)

  4. Looks like a great weekend! (Don't feel bad, I am horrible about using exclamation points! I think it's because I get so excited when I am typing.) :)

  5. Those cookies are THE BEST!!! Yum!!!

  6. Aww, I love the picture of you and Olivia! And yeah for Spring Break! I had a leak in my old house and I know how crazy it is to have all that equipment and the hassle it is to try to "look past" the mess. Thinking of y'all :)