Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Father's Day Gifts

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
Yay....we are halfway through the week!
Father's Day is right around the corner... I don't know about you ladies, but I find it to be extremely challenging to buy gifts for my husband.  I ask him what he wants and his response, "babe I don't need or want anything".....seriously....I can assure you I would NEVER EVER  give that response if he was asking me that question:)  Lucky for me I have paid close attention over the years and pretty much know all the things he loves and would love to have, that he would never think to buy for himself.
This shirt would make for a great gift for Father's Day.  They have a ton of colors to choose from!
These sunglasses would also make a great gift...and one size fits all!
The one thing my hubby never buys for himself is cologne, so I usually buy it for him on either his birthday, Father's Day or Christmas.  This happens to be his favorite!
I don't usually like giving gift cards, I would much rather buy an actual gift for someone.  That being said when it comes to buying my husband anything he wants/needs for golf I am just clueless, and a giftcard from Dick's is what he gets.  Most people love getting giftcards and shopping for themselves.  Always a great gift!
I usually always get my husband a gift for Father's Day from me, and then I let the kids pick out something to give him.  One year they were arguing for days about what to get for their dad and Mark, I decided we were going to make them something....and let me tell you it was probably both of their favorites gifts ever they received from the kids.  I went to Target and bought super cute metal ice buckets, and filled them with lottery tickets, their favorite beverages and snacks....and it was seriously the best gift.  The kids had so much fun at the store picking out the things they knew they each loved.  The best gifts are definitely the ones where there is thought put into them!
Would love to hear some of your top Father's Day Gifts!


  1. Great ideas! Now I need to figure out what to buy my Dad...oops!

    Have a great day!


    1. It's always hard shopping for the men!!!

  2. Great choices!!! It's always SOO hard. Growing up it was for me with my dad and now it's hard for me with my hubs.. ugh! Love that shirt though.. may look into that! Oh wait, it's giving me an error. Can you update it?

    1. I'll check it when I get home. Hmmmm