Thursday, June 25, 2015

Amory C Jewelry

Happy Thursday Ladies!
I am sure you have heard me say more than once that I absolutely love buying anything from another mom who is running a business.  I am such a huge supporter of women who are mothers, wives, and business woman, and I love helping to support their businesses. 

Today I am going to introduce you to my friend Frances...I have known Frances about 8 years now, and when I first met her she was just a young kid...and now she is married with a beautiful little girl and a little boy due in July!

I mean how adorable are they! 

Frances is the sweetest, and I love seeing her so happy!
Frances is a stay at home mommy to her little girl Cambria, but in addition to taking care of her daughter, she also makes some pretty fabulous jewelry!  Her pieces are high quality and just beautiful.  Each month she also donates 10% of her proceeds to charity, this month she is donating to Youth Build.  I love supporting women like Frances, who give back!
This is the first piece I bought from Frances...this little necklace is the perfect everyday piece.  I wear it all the time and get tons of compliments on it.  Simple, yet perfect!
I just ordered this Harper necklace and got it last week...and I love it.  I mean who doesn't love a good tassel necklace! 

And lets talk about how absolutely adorable the packaging is!  I love that so much attention is paid to every single detail from the actual jewelry itself to the packaging.  If you are thinking about giving this as a gift, it is already gift wrapped for you!
I would love for you guys to head over and check out all her beautiful pieces.
You can follow her on Instagram:  @amorycjewelry
Find her on Facebook:  Amory C Jewelry
You can visit the website Amory C Jewelry
You can also email Frances at:
And Frances was sweet enough to offer 15% off to anyone who wants to place an order, just use the code "kimm15" at checkout! 
Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


  1. Love that tassel necklace! So sweet of you to use your blog to encourage other women :) Have a great day, Kimm!


    1. The necklace is fabulous! Be sure to check out her stuff Lauren!

  2. Oh my goodness she is adorable! Taking a look at that tassel necklace for sure.

    1. She is way too adorable! The necklace is fabulous! Have a great weekend girl