Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday Ladies, hope you all had a great weekend.
I can assure you that I have 3 very excited kiddos to be finishing up school this week!  Hurry up and get here Thursday!
We had a great weekend, it was also our last baseball tournament of the season, and as happy as I am to have my weekends back, I am sure going to miss watching my little man playing ball.
Olivia was super excited to go to school Friday, it was pajama and movie day.....
I wish Carters would make these flamingo pajamas for adults!
After school it was time to paint with her BFF....I will admit I am that mom who dreads when the kids want to paint or play with playdoh...always such a mess!  But they had fun and made lots of beautiful masterpieces.
Not even sure how this is possible, but my little AJ is heading off to middle school...I mean I swear just yesterday he was born!  He is so excited to head out to his little 5th grade celebration/dance.
It is so nice to see him wearing something other than a Nike t-shirt, basketball shorts and elite socks..I know all you boy moms know what I am talking about!

I looked over at him sitting in the car and I just wanted to cry...I mean he looks like a teenager.  And I know I am biased, but seriously, this boy is HANDSOME!!!
He had the absolute best time hanging out with his friends, eating pizza, and dancing....the boy has got the moves.  I am so proud of him and how hard he works in school.  I have no doubt that this boy is going to OWN middle school!
Saturday morning I was up early, straightening up the house and getting ready for our last baseball tournament of the season.  If you read my blog or follow me on social media than you know my life pretty much revolves around baseball this time of year, and as much as I love watching my boy play, it is a huge commitment for not only AJ , but our entire family.  There are weekends where we are at the ballfield 10 hours a day, both Saturday and Sunday.  I am going to miss watching him play, but I am so looking forward to a little break (football starts August 1), and having somewhat of a life again! 
My 3 sons....never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be a "boymom", let alone have 3 boys...and today I couldn't even imagine not having these three guys....they are truly the best sons a mother could ask for.
It has been an amazing season for these boys.  We have loved spending our weekends with them and their awesome families.  And the icing on the cake...we ended our season with winning our tournament this weekend.

I love watching each season how much AJ grows as a player, and this year he has exploded.  He had a great season and we saw some amazing pitching from our little guy.  I am really looking forward to what the future holds for my little athlete.
Our games were delayed a bit, so we didn't even walk through the door until 9:45 Saturday night!  Mark threw some hamburgers on the grill, and then it was showers and bed for everyone!
Sunday was great because we didn't have to get up and race out the door!  I did my normal meal planning and grocery shopping and got things together for our FINAL week of school!
Mark cuts the little boys hair at home, and well the vacuum is the best way to get all the hair off!
After a day of lounging around Mark made us a fantastic dinner and we ended the night with sundaes from McDonalds!
Hooray for $1 ice cream!!!
Hope you all had a great weekend.  See you back here tomorrow!



  1. Hey Kimm!

    I love reading your blog. I don't have kids of my own but I definitely enjoy seeing what your family is up to! I have especially enjoyed reading it after I just recently moved to Charlotte! Maybe one day we'll see each other in the motherland, I mean Nordstrom :)

    Happy Monday!


  2. Hi Lauren. Welcome to Charlotte! Thanks for stopping by today !!!

  3. It blows my mind that y'all are still in school, but oh, well! Five more days and then you're FREE!!

    1. Girl we are done on Thursday and we can't wait. Have a great day!!!

  4. It does seem like your kids go to school later into the summer! Our schools have been out nearly two weeks, but go back the first week of August. They are transitioning to a "balanced calendar" (year round school) this coming school year, so they will be going back earlier. :( I will love the extra breaks throughout the year, though! I am glad the end is near for you. I'm sure you will have a great summer. Our baseball leagues start games this week. I was teasing that we will be living at the baseball diamonds for the month of June! Ha. It does feel like it at times!!

    1. Hi Whitney! We don't start school until the last week in August, but I would prefer going back after Labor Day and getting out the first week in June!! Enjoy your baseball season!!!!!

  5. I love the picture of Mark vacuuming your son's head (I can't tell if it is Jack or AJ) - that is pretty genius! Have a great day - the end of school is SO near! :)

    1. It's aj! Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great day!!!

  6. Yay for school being out!! I love Olivia's pjs! I would totally take them in my size! ;)