Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up...Tuesday Edition

Happy Tuesday Girls!
Since we talked about favorite summer shoes yesterday, I am doing my weekend wrap-up today instead...and we had a GREAT weekend.
Friday was a HOT day....I absolutely love the winters here in NC...but the summers are just brutal...it is hot for so long. 
This was pretty much how it was every single day last week...just awful!
I spent Friday doing things around the house and doing tons of laundry...not only are Mark and I heading out of town for the holiday weekend, but my kiddos are heading up to spend two weeks with their dad!  It's a lot to get 3 little ones packed and ready for being away from home for that long.
Friday night we stayed home, and just did nothing and it was pretty nice!
This pretty much happens every night...this girl loves cuddling up with her favorite guy!

And when she isn't snuggling up with Mark, she is glued to her ipad watching Shopkins and Yo Gabba Gabba clips on You Tube!
Saturday morning I was up bright and early...like 6 am bright and early.  I had told you all before that AJ's baseball season ended, and how excited I was to have my weekends back.  Well I got a phone call Thursday seeing if AJ was available to fill in for the team where he first started playing.  If it had been any other team I would have said no, but seeing as our travel baseball started with this team many years ago, I knew he would love playing with his old teammates, and I was very much looking forward to seeing some old friends!
Warming up before the game!

He still had his old uniform from many years ago...the name is a little faded but it still fit and he was pretty excited to put it back on again after all these years!

My baseball boy....love him!


My step-daughter is here visiting and she came to watch AJ play...he loved having her there!

The boys played great and won both their games Saturday!

Though we had to get up super early, by 1:30 we were done for the day, so it was nice to get home and still have the day left!

I was super exhausted however, I think between the ridiculous heat and getting up super early, I was just worn out...so by 4:30 I was in my pajamas, laying in my bed watching way too many episodes of Criminal Minds!

I mean how fun are these Bee pajamas!  Love them!

Mark had to work Saturday, so he picked up some Japanese takeout and we just spent the night doing nothing!  It was fabulous!

Sunday morning we were up again at 6:00 for some more baseball.!  It was the first time in forever that we were not sweating our butts off at the field, and it was so nice!

As much as having my weekends back is so nice, I truly do miss watching my boy do his thing.  It was so nice to be able to watch him play one more time this season.  He loved playing, he loved seeing his old coaches and teammates.  It was a great weekend!

When we got home Sunday afternoon, it was a lazy day.  It was easy breakfast for dinner and just a lot of time on the couch doing nothing! 

Watching the NASCAR race with some chips and dip...these guys were content!

Olivia decided she wanted a fort and wanted to sleep in the boys room!  She made a little fort and was super excited to sleep in there with them.  It's moments like this, that just make my mama heart happy.  Now don't get me wrong my kids can fight, and they are pretty darn good at it, but I am so thankful that for the most part they just love and adore each other.  It makes me so happy that my boys adore their little sister so much!  It is really so sweet to watch their relationship grow!  I am so lucky and I know it!

Everyone was exhausted after two days of being up at the crack of dawn, so it was early to bed for us all!

It was a great weekend, and I treasured every single second of it....I am going to miss them all so much while they are gone!

Be sure to check back tomorrow, I am going to be sharing with you some of my favorite things I am wearing these days!  Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love those Pj's!


    1. The jammies are the best Lauren! Have a great day

  2. Yay for a good wknd! Those pj's are great!! LOVe them! And love that Olivia wanted to sleep with the boys! So sweet.

    1. Thanks girl. And I am so so excited for you and your news! Twins...how truly amazing!

  3. I love the baseball pics and thought the pic yesterday was awesome with the baseball card from Shelly---that is too cool! Olivia couldn't be any cuter I don't think and her bond with the hubs is so stinkin' sweet! And yes girl, this heat---ugh! I am glad we are kind of sort of getting a reprieve this week but we both know that it won't last. Here's to good AC and lots of Criminal Mind reruns :)

    1. AJ was so excited to get that in the mail...Shelly was so sweet to send it! Olivia is surely adorable...if I do say so myself. And girl AC and criminal minds reruns equal a perfect day in my book!!!

  4. I like Criminal Minds too! Sometimes it's a bit dark and scary but sometimes you just can't stop watching! Also like the relationships/backstories of the characters as they find their way in life and career; Penelope Garcia's outfits are great, although I cannot see myself wearing them in their entirety. Have a good day!

    Do you watch the NCIS series?

    1. Penelope is my favorite. Love how she got her job there! We LOVE ncis...our favorite is the new one ...ncis New Orleans!!! Have a great day girl