Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back To School Shopping....Clothes and Shoes

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
I know many of you guys have already sent your kiddos off to school this week...we still have another week and a half before school starts!  It's a good thing because I have not even bought so much as a pencil, let alone any clothes or shoes!  I am a major slacker this year for sure!
Many years ago, when I was younger, and had only two kiddos, I couldn't wait to hit the mall and back to school shop...nowadays...not so much!  If I can order it online, it's for me! 
Shopping for my boys is pretty easy...give them some basketball shorts, a few new tshirts, a couple pair of sneakers and some Nike Elite socks and they are good to go and happy boys!  Jack has decided to use his backpack from last year, so that works for me.  AJ does need a new one, and he said "Mom just get me something cool"...easy peasy!  Olivia...not so easy...she is a girl who knows what she wants!  She had a backpack and lunchbox all picked out from Pottery Barn Kids, we went last week, bought it all, took it to be monogrammed, and she found one she liked better and "had to have", so we bought it, and made our return at PBK... I didn't fight it her on it because it was much cheaper!
She absolutely LOVES it, and I am loving it too!  It's so adorable, and she is so excited about it! 
So backpacks and lunchboxes are pretty much completed over here...and that is about all so far!  It is still ridiculously HOT here in upper 90's everyday, so the kids are definitely still wearing summer clothes the first two months of school.  That being said, I still want them to have a few new, fresh things to start the year!
Like I said earlier, my boys are so easy, boring, but easy!

I ordered these shorts for both Jack and AJ....if it says NIKE they will usually always love it!  I was super happy to snag them at a great price too!

I picked up these for Jack right before we left for Michigan, I was so happy I was able to snag them from the Anniversary Sale for under $50!  My boys wear sneakers every single day, and they are rough on their shoes, so we go through lots of sneakers over here!
I know AJ will love these !  We will be going this weekend to get them all some new shoes!
My boys don't really get "dressed up" that often but when they do, this is pretty much their "dress" shoe.  I love a little boy in some shorts and some sperrys!  Right now they are price matching them too at Nordstrom!  WIN WIN!
I also shop a TON at TJ MAXX and Marshalls for the boys, they have great prices on Nike T-shirts and shorts, and I pretty much always get their Polo shirts there too...if I don't have to pay full price, I won't!  I love being able to dress my boys in what they love for a great price!
Now...Olivia isn't near as easy as the boys.  She is very particular about what she wants to wear.  If it was up to her, she would wear a tutu every single day.  I kinda thought by no she would have outgrown that, but she sure hasn't, and between you and me...I am totally ok with that:)
I don't think Olivia has ever worn a pair of jeans, she absolutely HATES them, she wants to wear a dress all the she pretty much does!  She will either wear tights or leggings under them in the colder months! 
I love to shop at Target for her, they have some really super adorable girls clothes there.  I love that she can look adorable and I don't have to spend a fortune!  She has a few outfits from Matilda Jane, that are a bit pricey, but we mix and match them with her Target stuff and she always always always looks just perfect!
She also hates wearing is always a fight on the days she has gym class....SIGH!
I am thinking about ordering these for Olivia, they are pink so hopefully she will be OK with having to wear them once a week! 
Last year I bought her pink Hunter Boots and she absolutely LOVED them, and wore them a TON...she even wore them when it wasn't raining!
I am thinking about grabbing her another color this year...definitely a great buy and I love that when she is outside in the mud or what not, I can just rinse these off!
Her favorite shoe to wear is a flat.  These will be her go to shoe 3 out of 5 days!  Last year she had a gold and silver pair and wore the heck out of them! 
I also love Target for girls shoes...they always have cute, inexpensive shoes there!
Please share with me your favorite places to shop for your kiddos!  Be sure to check back tomorrow as I am sharing a super yummy recipe with you all!


  1. I'm struggling with clothes lately for Cate, but I love Target shoes for school. They're inexpensive and they can have numerous pairs b/c they're so cheap!

    1. It can be tough shopping for girls ! And yes for target shoes

  2. I love that Olivia only wants to wear dresses! I was the same way when I was little!

    1. I hope her love of dresses never goes away!!!

  3. I got lucky this year and only had to buy a few basic things for Alise. She can still wear her "new" spring and summer wardrobe I bought her to start school in. I hope you and your little ones have a great school year! Looking forward to seeing Olivia's face every morning!

    1. Girl I am hoping a new school year brings a much better morning attitude for miss Olivia! Have a great day Laura!!!

  4. We hit up Crazy 8 last week and scored big time!!! T shirts for as low as 5.00

    1. I saw that store at the mall and never went in. I guess I need to!!! Have a great day

  5. I don't buy much for Jagger at the beginning of school because it is so hot and he still wants to wear summer stuff. I do pick up a few short and tshirts. We always pick out new shoes and a backpack! I really can't believe it is time for school to start back!! Where did the summer go?

    1. Megan I feel like it was just their last day of school and here we are getting ready to start a new school year. Time is flying by!!!