Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Our Michigan Trip

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
July has been such a busy month for us with the kids being gone and lots of traveling, so I haven't been real great about consistently blogging.  I am hoping now that things have calmed down and we will be home more I can get back on track and into a routine again!  I sure do love summer, but I am starting to crave a routine again!
Thursday morning we were up bright and early, like 4am early, we loaded the kids in the car and started our LONG drive to Michigan! 
I snapped this pic a few hours into our's like 980 miles...and girls I HATE, and I mean HATE the car!  There is nothing worse than being trapped in there for hours!
Thank goodness the kids slept a made me very happy!

Olivia was super content listening to music on her was so adorable to look back and see her jamming out!
We finally got to Mark's mom's house around 7:30 and everyone was super pumped to be out of the car! 
As soon as we arrived the kids couldn't wait to play!

Olivia loved sitting at the dock!

The paddle boat was a huge hit with the boys....Liv loved it too!

She was pretty happy to have her brothers take her for MANY rides!

Olivia loves my mother-in-law's kept her occupied for hours!

Back at the hotel at 12:30 and this girl was still awake...we were so happy she fell asleep quick...we were exhausted!
On Friday we woke up, and the kids couldn't wait to get back out and play and boat!
AJ LOVED the kayak...he spent a good amount of time in it. 

The boys loved pulling Olivia behind the boat...I am so thankful they are so sweet and patient with her!

Love these 3 so much.

The boys loved the jet was a huge hit!

This girl could be in the water all day long!


Lots of rides for everyone!

Harrison had never driven one before, so he was more than happy to provide countless rides for the boys!

Olivia didn't really care for it at all...we could hear her screaming from back on the shore!


Jack and Harrison.

The kids loved climbing up the sand dunes and running down into the water.

Harrison and AJ

These two ready for another ride!

All my boys out heart is so full of love for them all!

I am so lucky to have him! 

The beach is her happy place!

They all climbed to the top for a race!  I was out of breath and exhausted just watching them!

Lots of sweet little duck families floating around!

This girl loved helping to drive the boat!

Love her so much!
By the end of the night Friday, this girl was BEAT!  I could just sit and watch her sleep for hours...she is pure joy and perfection!
And I was so happy to put on my brand new super comfy pajamas and crash!  I snagged these from the Anniversary sale and oh my they are the absolute softest pajamas I have ever owned!
Saturday morning the kids were up and ready for some more fun of swimming and boating!
We took the kids over to Lake Michigan and Olivia just loved it!  She loved swimming and jumping in the waves!

Love that even at 19, he still likes hanging out with his mom!

She could dig in the sand all day long!

AJ was content to rest right in the sand, no towel needed!

After a day of swimming we came back and this girl wanted to fish.  She had never ever fished before and she caught 3 fish!

I was shocked that she was willing to hold it!

She absolutely loved fishing!

This girl...super happy if she is out on the water!
After another full day of playing we ate dinner and took the kids for ice cream, I didn't snap a single picture that night, but it was great to just all be together enjoying a slower pace!
Sunday morning, we were back at it again...
They never got tired running up and down the sand dunes!
I am so glad Harrison decided last minute to come with us...he had a great time and we just loved having him there with us!

AJ wasn't happy Olivia was catching fish and he wasn't...he was super happy when he caught one!

He however, refused to take it off the hook, so would come up and have Mark do it!

My guys!

Jack was loving the fishing too!

Harrison too!

I mean fishing in a fancy dress is just better!

This guy...making us dinner!  Love him so much!

AJ of course had to bring an entire arsenal with us!  They had so much fun having airsoft wars!

Olivia decided she needed to "shoot" like the boys!  That's my girl...shooting a gun in a tutu!
Sunday night rolled around and everyone was exhausted.  We had so much fun and they were all just worn out.  So it was a low key night of lounging and watching was perfect!
We woke up early Monday morning and loaded up for the LONG trip back home!

This is the view from sitting on my mother-in-law's deck, and seriously this picture doesn't do the view any justice at all.  It is the most peaceful, serene place ever.  It is quiet and beautiful there.  It was so nice to spend 3 days there, no TV's on, the kids were all out playing, not on their phones or playing video games, it was just so nice to unplug for a few days.  I have always considered myself pretty much a "city girl", but I could really get used to living a much "slower" and "calmer" life. 
Thanks for stopping by today!  Be sure to come back Friday for Friday Favorites!


  1. Looks like a fun trip! Can't believe y'all drove for so long...yuck!


    1. Girl I don't want to get back in the car for 6 months!!!! Ha!

  2. WOW! All of that outdoor fun looks amazing!! Glad it was a fun trip - despite the awful long drive!

    1. Minus the long drive the trip was perfect!!!

  3. Loved keeping up with you on IG!

  4. Looks like such a fun trip!!!

  5. What a fun trip! Was that at Sleeping Bear Dunes Nat'l Park? looked gorgeous!