Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday Ladies!
Hope you all had a great weekend! 

This is our last week of summer!  I can't believe the kids are heading back to school next Monday!  This summer has certainly flown by!
We didn't have a super eventful weekend, and it was kind of nice! 
On Wednesday and Fridays Brooke babysits for two super sweet little girls, and she took Olivia along with her on Friday to play!  I am so thankful that my older kiddos really love their younger siblings!
Since I was kid free, since Harrison had the boys out playing football, I decided it was the perfect time for some Starbucks and a pedicure!  Love me some ME TIME!
All week the boys had been wanting Taco Bell for dinner, so on Friday we told them we would have it!
AJ went to the park, and wanted to be sure we had his dinner order!  This kid is TOO much!  I was glad he put his name at the top, being his mom and all I may not have known who it was from !  LOL!
After dinner we just kinda hung out and watched TV.
AJ has been slacking on his summer reading, so Mark decided to read a few chapters and quiz him on it!  AJ was less than thrilled!
Saturday morning the boys were up super early for football practice, so we took advantage and slept in a little bit, and it was nice!
Olivia has been nuts over Season 3 Shopkins, we bought her a few packs earlier this week, but she wanted more, so Mark told her if she cleaned her room she could get some new ones!  I have never ever seen her clean her room so quickly!  Bribery is a beautiful thing!
Decisions Decisions.....

This girl is thorough and has to check it all out before making a decision

She was pretty happy with her choices!

I mean this girl seriously loves her Shopkins!
Spaghetti O's, Sprite and Shopkins...she was in heaven!
Saturday night the little boys spent the night with my mom and went shopping for sneakers!  My kids are so blessed to have such an amazing woman for their grandma!  Olivia hung home with Brooke, and Mark and I headed out to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner.  It was so nice to enjoy a nice glass of wine and a good meal I didn't have to cook!
We got home early, watched TV for a bit and then headed to bed!  My my how our Saturday nights have changed over the years!
Sunday morning we took Olivia and Brooke to breakfast at IHOP.  Olivia had gotten a coupon for a FREE meal at the end of the school year, and she had been waiting to use it!  I didn't take a single picture, but it was nice just the four of us to eat some breakfast together!  After breakfast, and when the boys got home, Olivia played at the neighbors and Mark and I took a nap....NAPS are seriously so great!
After dinner, dessert for Olivia was cool whip straight from the tub!

I love this little girl so much!


What a perfect way to end the weekend...watching these two together!
We made sausage and peppers for dinner and spent the rest of night just relaxing!  We have a super busy weekend coming up...Friday night we are headed to see Toby Keith, and Saturday morning we are leaving for Bristol TN for the NASCAR race!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Happy Monday, Kimm! Looks like y'all had a great weekend. I hope you and the kids enjoy their last week of summer!

    1. Girl we will be treasuring our last week of sleeping in for sure. Monday morning is gonna be rough here for the kiddos next week! Have a great day!!!!

  2. Your little Olivia cracks me up - I love her personality. I wish we lived closer b/c I think she'd be friends with Cate!
    Glad you had a good wknd!!

    1. I'm sure they would be fast friends ;). Enjoy your week!! Can't wait for the big reveal next week!!! Xoxo

  3. Love you blog! Seems like you nap, sleep in, drink, get fast food and go to nscar parties all the time. By kinda girl! Lol!

    1. If the opportunity presents itself for a nap, I'll take it. Love sleeping in, I've been blessed with kids that love to sleep! As for fast food, we usually order out once a week, not always fast food, but definitely love it as a treat for the kids. My husband is a service writer for NASCAR so we get to go to lots of races and we love it! Hope you have a great day!