Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up...A Little Country, A Litte Racing and A Whole Lotta Fun!

Happy Tuesday Girls! 
I am doing my weekend wrap-up once again on Tuesday because I just couldn't get it all together Sunday night!  I still can't believe we are back in school.  Boy summer sure did fly by!
We had a GREAT weekend over here!  Friday night we went to the Toby Keith concert and it was nothing short of FABULOUS!  I had seen him a few years ago and wasn't impressed, so I didn't have high hopes going in....but boy oh boy he did not disappoint.  Start to finish he was awesome!
Tailgating is half the fun...and we always have a great time!  We were so happy that my brother and sister in law were there too! 

And can we talk about how adorable my mom is....she had the best time and we loved her being there.  She is coming to see Luke Bryan with us and she is so excited!  My mom is seriously so great!

I love having my son there with me too...it is so wonderful having a relationship with your adult child!  I am so blessed to be his mom!

And what's tailgating without some Bucket Pong! 
Amazing night with my awesome family!
So much fun!
It was a super fun night.  Finally around 2 am we decided to call it a night and get to bed!
Saturday morning Mark had to go into work for a bit and as much as I was hoping to sleep in, I didn't!  To say I was tired was an understatement!  I ran a few errands and met him back at work so we could drive up to Bristol for the NASCAR race!
Mark has been to Bristol numerous times, but I have never been there.  I was so excited to go!  My husband gets a ton of perks from work, so I was more than happy to tag along and watch the race from the comfort of an air conditioned suite with yummy food and drinks!
I am so thankful for all the time that we are able to spend together!

Golf cart sittin'


Not a bad view!

I just thought the light up eyes in this camper were so funny!

Jolly Rancher Moonshine....he liked it...I thought it was nasty!

AWESOME fireworks after the race!
I was so thankful we had some first class treatment because the amount of people at this race was ridiculous and the crowds leaving the track was like nothing I have ever seen, and it seriously lasted HOURS!  I was so happy to be watching it all from an observation deck!

It's hard to really see in these pictures, but those are just lines of people....CRAZY

Swarms of people everywhere!

No joke, it lasted for two hours!

I was SO HAPPY to NOT be down there in that!
We had planned to stay in a camper with some friends, but we were fortunate enough to get upgraded to one of our own to sleep in....and let me tell you....it was GORGEOUS!  It is amazing how beautiful these coaches are!
Heating us up some food!

The floors were gorgeous...and heated!

Figuring out our sleep number:)

My bathroom at home isn't this nice!!

We were definitely happy campers that night!
At 2am it was time for Pepsi and some ribs!
It was another crazy late night, but it was so much fun!  We had the absolute best time!  Definitely an experience we will remember forever!
We got home around 3 Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of the day laying around, getting all the kiddos stuff together for school!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for to hear all about the kiddos first day of school!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! That camper is insane!

  2. I know you had the best wknd thru IG pics and still jealous over that camper!

  3. Looks like you had tons of fun!!!

    1. Too much fun,,,,I'm still paying for it and it's Tuesday! I probably need to check out your oils to help me get through the tires days !

  4. Our neighbors across the street have a Coach like that! Seriously, it is like a $500k coach. Crazy! But it is gorgeous!!!!! Looks like a fun weekend!

    1. Super fun weekend! Some of those coaches are just insane! Mark has taken me into some of the drivers coaches and they are over 2 million dollars. It blows my mind !!!!

  5. I know I already told you on insta but that outfit was precious on you! And I agree...having a great relationship with grown children is a special blessing.

    1. Thanks girl! And grown up kids are pretty awesome !!! Xoxo