Monday, August 31, 2015

Favorite Things....Favorite Summer Moment

Hello Ladies!  Hope you all had a great weekend! 
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Today we are sharing our favorite summer moment!  This was a very different summer for me, this was the first year that my kids went and spent 3 weeks with their dad.  I feel like I didn't really get a summer with them, they came home, we left for a family vacation and once we got back home it was full force back to school mode over here!
As much as I missed my kids this summer, I know they had an absolute blast spending so much time with their dad.  And after the first few days and some tears, I was determined to take advantage of our kid free time!
Mark and I had a GREAT summer!  We jammed a whole bunch of fun in!  I truly treasured every single second we had together!
Everything that we did was a favorite for me!
We started our summer out with a beach trip over the Fourth of July...there is truly nothing better than waking up to the ocean every day!

We had a great little getaway!
The weekend after the beach we headed out to see Tim McGraw...and though I didn't love the concert, I absolutely loved the time with Mark and just being together!
Lawn sittin'.....perfection!
Another favorite moment of summer was our little weekend trip up to the was so nice to just once again get a way and enjoy some cooler temps....and by cooler temps I mean it was only 90 degrees!

Gorgeous views and time with my it all.
We also got to go see Toby Keith....and then head to Bristol the next day for the race...both were so much fun and definitely a favorite moment of my summer.....

So much fun and so many memories!
All of these things were a ton of fun....but my very favorite moment from this summer was our family trip to Michigan.  Time alone with my husband is always perfect, but there is nothing better than being all together, with the kids, making memories!  Start to finish we had a great time in Michigan.  I absolutely love it is quiet, peaceful and just beautiful.  I love seeing my "city" kids out there fishing, running up sand dunes, taking turns giving their sister boat is just truly the best!

We really did have a great summer and as sad as I am to see it all come to an end...I am very ready for cooler temps, a routine back and FOOTBALL!
Can't wait to read about everyone's favorite summer moments today!  



  1. Ahh y'all definitely had a great summer! I've never been to Michigan but it looks beautiful!


    1. It was a great summer for sure...but I am so ready for fall!!!!

  2. I would have to agree...I love going away with keith and it is definitely important but my favorite is going on a vacation with all my babies without distraction. Have a great week Kimm!

    1. Family time is the best for sure!!!!

  3. Can you share which beach resort you went to? It looks beautiful and we are looking for a new spot in NC. Cute blog! Thanks!!!!!!

    1. Hi Jen! We usually go to the beach in SC. We love staying at beach colony (that was where we stayed this year and last year) and we also really like sands resorts ! Have a great week !