Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Monday

Hello Ladies!

Here is to hoping my week is a whole lot better than last week!

Last week was a doozie for us...Mark and I got back home from our weekend away and we walked right into a house of sickness!  Olivia started last Sunday with the stomach bug, and then by Tuesday AJ had it...we were able to celebrate Jacks birthday Wednesday, but right before midnight, Jack got sick, and Thursday both Harrison and I were down for the count, and then Friday Mark got it....Brooke got lucky.  

I cannot remember a time when I was so sick, it was awful, and just keeping it real over here...AJ struggled with making it into the bathroom or the bucket each and every time he got sick.  Girls it was BAD.....projectile vomit off the top bunk....there came a point in the day where I just sat in my room and cried.  I don't think I have cleaned or done as much laundry ever as I did last week.  

So I am very much looking forward to getting back into my normal routine this week, and praying that ugly stomach virus doesn't show its face over here for a very long time!

See you guys back here tomorrow!



  1. Hope this week goes better for y'all! Happy Belated Birthday!!

  2. Hoping you have a much better week girlfriend!

  3. Oh girl. The stomach flu is truly the worst. We had it two years ago and i believe it started a real germ phobia for me ;) my poor kids have to sanitize their hands every five minutes at the playground, lol! Glad y'all are feeling better!!!

    1. The stomach bug is the WORST!! Keep those hands washed for sure ;)

  4. Routine is always such a wonderful thing after being sick!