Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Go-To Nail Colors

Hello Ladies!

Hope you are all having a great week...and yay for being halfway through it!

I know I am not the only one who can relate to this!!!

There is just something about having a great manicure that just makes me happy!  As far back as I can remember I have always loved nail polish, and I can't remember a time that my nails were naked!  Many years ago I had the full on acrylic nails, super long, sometimes bright neon and crazy designs, then I jumped on the pink and white band wagon, then I did them myself for a while, and now I am a shellac/gel girl.  I don't love sitting and getting my nails done, and I love that getting the gel, there is ZERO drying time!  And I love that I get a full two weeks, sometimes more, out of it.  

I am pretty basic when it comes to my nails, and I find myself constantly wearing the same colors over and over again...ZERO variety over here!  During the winter months I pretty much wear black or OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.  During the holidays this past year I had them done red, with my ring finger gold, and though it was cute I couldn't wait to get back to the salon and have it taken off and go back to my "go-to".

99% of the time I wear a very neutral color..and I feel like I have tried them all!  It took me a long time, but I seriously think I found the two BEST neutrals out there!  Because I love what I love, I always bring my own polish with me.  

My go-to's!

This is hands down my FAVORITE color to wear....CND Shellac in Studio White is not too is perfect!  

OPI Let's Be Friends is another absolute favorite of mine.  It is the perfect pink/white color and so great for spring.  

As much as I love these light colors, I would always find that after about a week they would yellow a bit, and that made me NUTS!  So what I do to prevent them from yellowing is when I get home from the salon, I put one coat of clear polish over them, just cheap Sally Hansen clear I grabbed at Walgreens.  And every few days I just take a cotton ball with some non-acetone nail polish remover and take the clear top coat off, wash my hands, and just re-apply the clear again....and it works.  My nails never discolor or yellow at all!  Definitely a great little tip if you love a white/light pink polish but hate it yellowing!

These two products are my other must haves when it comes to my hands/nails.  The Aveda Hand Relief is the BEST hand cream there is.  A little goes a long way, and my hands are always smooth and soft!  My other must have is CND Solar Oil , it really helps keep my cuticles looking good and not dry.  

I am always looking for great neutral nail colors, so if you have a favorite, or a favorite product for your hands or nails...please share with me!


Thanks so much for stopping by today!  See you back here soon!



  1. So my girl uses some kind of glue looking topcoat on my to keep the yellow out. It's in a little pot that looks like a mini glam glow, lol! Seriously it works so well!

  2. I always have my nails painted too! I usually do them myself unless it's a special occasion, and I love trying fun colors! Spring/summer colors are my favorite, and I do things like lavender, aqua, etc! So fun!

    1. I love fun colors, but usually only for a, so that is why I just stick to the basics! Thanks for stopping by today...have a great day!

  3. I love a great manicure, too, Kimm! And I'm a gel girl! However, I had to give my nails a break recently from the shellac and just got a manicure and regular paint for our trip to Memphis! The paint looks horrible! It chipped in three days! Going back to gel ASAP!

    1. I have zero luck with just a regular manicure and polish either. Have a great trip!

  4. Lincoln park is one of my faves too and in the summer I'm all about OPI Mod About You

    1. That's a good one too. And my favorite color for my summer pedicure ;).