Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Our Weekend At Daytona

Hello Ladies!

I cannot even believe it's March!  Before I go any further, I need to wish a very Happy 15th Birthday to Jack!  I still cannot believe he is 15 already, the years have flown by and I cannot believe the time has come for him to get his learner's permit (YIKES) and we are talking about colleges.  I have said this many times before, and it continues to be true...Jack is such a good kid, in 15 years he hasn't given me a problem...ever...he is crazy smart, respectful, kind and just a genuine good person.  I am so incredibly proud of the amazing young man he is growing up to be. 

I remember just like it was yesterday bringing my sweet Jack Ryan home from the hospital.

That sweet face....

Tonight we will be eating something Mexican, eating cake and celebrating Jack!

Over the weekend Mark and I headed out of town for a little getaway!  With Mark's position, he gets lots of perks, and we are always so grateful when we are able to hit up the NASCAR races.  This last weekend was the Daytona 500, and this was our 2nd year going and it was a BLAST!!!!!  Mark had both Friday and Monday off, so it was nice to have a long weekend away.  Harrison came with us this time, he had never been before, and he had the BEST time!  He has never followed NASCAR, but he loved everything about it, and said numerous times this definitely won't be his last race!

We got the little kids off to school, packed up the car and headed out!  

Venti Starbucks...road trip essential!

Once we arrived in Daytona, our first stop was to pick up our passes for the weekend.  We are so grateful each time that we are given these.

Normally we stay in a hotel, but this time we stayed with one of Mark's customers in his motorhome right outside the track and it was FABULOUS!

One of Mark's friends who works for one of the race teams, came on the golf cart and got us each day, so it was great to not have to deal with parking, traffic and walking through the tunnels into the infield!

This was the only picture we took together all weekend!

Harrison's first time in the garages and down on pit road.

One of Mark's customers/friends were staying in the infield and we spent lots of time Saturday and Sunday at their motorhome with them.  We love heading down to the garage area and pit road for a bit, but we rarely actually stay in the track and watch the race!  Being able to go up on the roof of the motorhome was so much fun, and you can see the whole track!

Harrison was pretty in love with his Lamborghini....and thrilled to be able to not only sit in it, but also go for a ride in it.  

I am truly so grateful for all the amazing people that we have been able to meet, and I am always blown away with their hospitality...we have truly met some of the BEST people at these races!

Sunday morning started PERFECT......Waffle House!  Its tradition for us, we always make sure to eat breakfast once at Waffle House when we travel to the races...its pure greasy goodness!

The track was packed Sunday....and there were people everywhere!  We were so thankful for cooler than normal was perfect weather for a race!

I love spending time with Harrison....he has turned out to be such a wonderful young man, and I am so proud of him and just adore him!  I am so very thankful for the amazing relationship that I have with him.  I love that he truly enjoys hanging out with us just as much as we enjoy spending time with him!  

We always are fortunate enough to get wristbands to get us into the driver's/owners lot.  This is where all the drivers stay with their families, and even though I have been in there many times, it truly never gets old seeing them just walking around....I'm always starstruck.  And the people in this sport are some of the nicest people I have ever met.  Mark had some work to do over the weekend also, so it was neat to get to go into some of their motorhomes!

Lady Antebellum had a concert right before the race Sunday, and it was super fun to see them for a bit.  

My favorite part is always getting to see Samantha Busch!  She is the absolute SWEETEST, and we both kind of laughed that we had on the same shirt!  

Mark was pretty happy to get to meet and have a pic with Mario Andretti!

And this is definitely not the best picture, but who's Owen Wilson...and he was nice as could be!

We were so happy to see #88 back racing and of course super bummed when he couldn't finish the race.

So many people kept telling Harrison he resembled Dale Jr a bit....

I am not so sure...but Harrison thought it was GREAT!

The weather was perfect...not hot, and it actually got chilly about midway through the race!  Mark was nice and bundled up and cozy:)

We had planned on staying Sunday night and coming home Monday morning, but we decided to just come home Sunday night after the race.  We love being away, but there is NOTHING better than sleeping in your own bed.  We got home around 2 am and went right to bed and crashed.

We came home to a house of sickness.  Olivia started with the stomach bug Sunday and was down for the count Monday and stayed home Tuesday as well.  AJ woke up Tuesday morning and he got hit HARD with it.  As I am typing this, I am praying hard no one else gets it!  

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 



  1. Replies
    1. Grape juice for the stomach bug ?

    2. 100 percent grape juice. It works to keep you from getting the stomach bug when you are exposed to it.

    3. That's probably the greatest tip anyone has ever told me ! Thank you so much for telling me that...I had no clue !!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jack!! He looks the same as his baby picture, lol! Daytona looks like the best time. Especially seeing the beautiful Mrs. Busch and Mario!!

    1. His sweet little face hasn't changed much:). Daytona is always so much fun!