Tuesday, March 14, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Decor

Hello Ladies!

I am super excited that this is a short week...my kiddos have off Friday and I am super pumped for a long weekend!

I love all holidays...the big ones and even the not so big ones.  I love being able to put out a few decorations for those not so big holidays.  My kids love it, and I love seeing little bits of it around the house.  Since October I feel like a soon as I take one holiday down, the next day the next holiday goes up!  As soon as we took down our Valentine's Day decorations, we busted out a few St. Patty's day decorations.  And then on Saturday they will all get boxed up and we will break out Easter!

We don't have a ton of stuff, just a few things here and there to make our home feel a little festive.  Pretty much every thing I have I either bought at the Dollar Store or the dollar spot in Target...I love that I don't have to spend a lot of money!

This door goes into our home office.  That cute little wooden sign came from the Dollar Store..yup $1!!

This is my FAVORITE table and I always love adding some holiday fun to it.  And I love that the strand of shamrocks lights up...so fun!

I grabbed this cute pillow from Kohls and found the shamrock blanket on Amazon!

Just a fun glittery shamrock for our chalkboard

And a little festiveness for the bar cart 

And a few fun touches in our little coffee corner!

Nothing too crazy or over the top, but just enough!  And I can't wait to bring out all our spring and Easter stuff this weekend!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



  1. When I saw your beach pics on IG, I thought you guys were at the beach on Spring Break! Love all your Irish green! Top o' the morning to ya!

    1. We don't have spring break until the week before Easter ! We just took a little day trip;). Have a great week

  2. It looks so cute and festive! The Dollar Store has the best stuff!

    1. They sure for Laura! Have a great day

  3. Irish eyes are smiling at you Kimm! So cute! I didn't do ANY St. Patricks day stuff this year and I saw some super cute stuff at the Dollar Spot of Target. But I am already decorated for Easter! We leave for Vacation right after Easter so I decided to just enjoy it a tad longer this year! Have a great day!

    1. I am so ready to break out our spring/Easter stuff which I will be doing this weekend! Have a great day girl

  4. I love the little touches of green! I hope to get some Easter decorations out this weekend!