Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Come On In....Christmas Decorationss


Today I am linking up with my sweet friend Andrea , and joining in on her "Come On In" series...it is always so fun getting a peek inside everyone's homes....especially at Christmas time...so grab the graphic and link up too, and share with us your Christmas decorations!!!  

I am loving our tree this year...its very hard to get the "perfect" tree when you get a real tree, but I think this is pretty close to perfect!!!  

I have a very strong love for chalboards lately, I have a few throughout our house, this is the one I have hanging in our kitchen...this is one of all my all time favorite lines from a pretty great Christmas movie!!

Our table in the kitchen...I found those Santa hat chair covers at Dollar Tree and the kids think they are the greatest things ever!!!

One of our favorite things to pull out at Christmas time, the kids fight pretty much every morning as to who get to change the numbers...we love the countdown to Santa's arrival.

A few things by our fireplace, that Santa was given to me from my mother-in-law, back in 1992,  to this day it is one of my best favorites!

A little table in our living room...it is so simple, but I just love it.

Brooke and Harrison, Christmas 1996....I love bringing out this picture every single year, hard to believe those two sweet little ones are now 22 and 19:(  And of course my Christmas Eve candle....my favorite holiday scent.

My grandmother loved to crochet, and last year she sent me these knitted sparkly bells.

AJ was so excited when he gave me this ornament back in 2007, one of my faves on my tree.

This is by far my absolute favorite Christmas decoration of all time.  My great grandmother made this many many years ago, it is on a red velvet background, and it is lots and lots of costume jewelry all glued on to make a tree...as a little girl, I would see this in my grandmother's house and just ooh and ahh over it, it was sparkly, filled with beautiful jewels and just the prettiest thing I had ever seen, every year I would look so forward to going to my grandmothers and see this tree.  Sadly, my grandmother passed away earlier this year, she knew my love of this tree, and she left this to me...words cannot describe what it means to me to have this in my home now.  

So there you have it...a little look into some of our Christmas decorations!  I can't wait to take a peek into everyone's homes to see all the beautiful holiday decorations!!!!!

Have the BEST day.  Be sure to check back tomorrow, I will be sharing with you a few of my favorite things that I have been wearing these days!!!  


  1. Kimm....it looks great!!! I love that light up tree from your grandma. Special memories!!

    1. Thanks Erika!! I love the tree so mich! Your house looks beautiful too!!!!

  2. So pretty!


    1. Thanks for stopping by to read today krissy!! Happy holidays