Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday Ladies!!

Yup...this pretty much sums up how I feel about Mondays....they just come around too quick!!!!

This is the last week of school for the littles...AJ and Olivia have their classroom holiday parties this week, so they are very excited about that...but really they are just excited for Friday to get here and not have to go back to school until January 6th!!!  The reality also set in that this is their last week of school and this mama still has a TON to do before Chrtistmas.....YIKES!!!!  

My hubby headed out of town Friday morning for the it was just me and the kiddos!   I have been going back and forth the past few weeks between upgrading to the IPhone 6 or the 6 plus, and well on Friday I decided why not just go big...I am definitely loving my new phone....but it definitely takes a little getting used really is ALOT bigger than my IPhone 5s!!!  My boys were making fun of me saying "mom it's not a phone, its a phablet...."  they are just too funny!!!!  I thought I would be quick just running in to do the upgrade, well duh nothing is EVER quick, I was there like 2 hours!!!  So I hit the drive through at McDonalds on my way home and we ate Big Macs, chicken nuggets, and cheeseburgers at 9 pm.....and I have to admit, even though it is so not good for you, it tasted so delicious!!!

Once I got everyone settled in for the night, like 10:30pm...I started opening some of the packages that had been delivered earlier that day....and Kate Spade earrings that were supposed to be delivered Monday were delivered Friday.....yup...I was ESTATIC!!!

These earrings are nothing short of fabulous...they are sold out pretty much everywhere...but if they come back in stock everyone needs to buy them!!!!!

I have a ton of wrapping to do...and my plan was to start and finish wrapping what I had Friday night...well after my phone upgrade excursion and eating dinner at 9:00, I decided it just wasn't going to happen...

Instead this happened...cozy pajamas, slippers, Hallmark Christmas movies and was a pretty perfect night!!!!! 

Saturday morning Olivia raced downstairs to see where the Elf was, she was cracking up hysterical when she found him.....

I've seen so many "pooping" Elf pictures on Instagram and I just knew my kiddos would think this was just hilarious...Olivia said to me "hey mom I think he poops chocolate chips because he eats so many cookies in the North Pole"  All's I can say is thank God for Instagram....I've pretty much gotten most of my elf ideas from there!!!! #elfideastealer

Later Saturday morning I knew I needed to go run a few quick errands at Target, I kinda new that the stores were going to be crazy...but I decided to go anyway...the store didn't seem too crowded, however the parking lot and traffic a totally different story....

No lie...took me 25 minutes to just get out of the parking lot!!!  At that point I hit the drive thru Starbucks and headed home!!!!

It was a beautiful, warm day here Saturday, so the kids were pretty much playing outside all day long, which allowed me to catch up on housework, laundry, and some Hallmark movies:)  After another take-out dinner (I pretty much never cook when Mark is out of town), we got in our jammies and made some Christmas cookies.

And when I say make Christmas cookies, I mean I bought the roll of sugar cookie dough, sliced it, baked them and let the kiddos put some frosting and sprinkles on them.  I am hoping to do some "real" holiday baking before Christmas but I am just not sure that is going to happen...the kids though seemed totally fine with this cheat method!!!!

And then I figured why not wash all that icing and stuff down with a Coke!!  (fyi, it was only maybe a 1/4 full...but she thought it was fantastic to get drink it)

She was so proud of this cookie, she said it was the most special one she made.  Love it...but I am loving that toothless grin even more!!!!!

On Sunday morning, as usual, Olivia raced downstairs to see where the Elf was...

Another "borrowed" elf idea that I have seen on either Instagram or Pinterest...Olivia absolutely loved it and the boys were excited to get some gum!!!  

That was pretty much the only picture I took on Sunday, because I pretty much spent the day in my pajamas, doing laundry, cleaning, and watching lazy Sunday!!!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Hope you're weekend was fantastic!  Have the best day!!!!!


  1. I need to do the elf pooping thing!! Great idea!

    1. Girl you need to do it. Nixon and Bowen would love it! Ebby Lee too....Olivia thought it was hysterical

  2. Olivia looks cute with her toothless grin! And I'm with you on the Instagram ideas. I'll be going to bed, see the Elf in the same spot, and search IG real quick to get an idea. So glad people post their ideas.

    1. I love a toothless grin! And thank god for all the elf sharing mamas out there! Thanks for stopping by today

  3. Replies
    1. Ha! Please note the majority are borrowed from you and others! Thank GOD for elf sharing mamas!!!!