Thursday, December 11, 2014

Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Happy Thursday Girls!!!!
Can you even believe that Christmas is in just two weeks away!!!!  

Yea...pretty much how I am feeling right about now!!!

 I wish I could say that I am done shopping, and everything is wrapped and ready to go, sadly I cannot say that.  I am about half way done with my shopping, and what I have bought so far is pretty much thrown in my closet still in bags, I am hoping this weekend while my hubby is out of town, to spend some serious time in my closet going through what I already have, and making a list of all I still need to get.  Having 5 children is fabulous, but being Santa to 5 can be a bit overwhelming!!!!  Shopping for my older two is usually the easiest, they are very specific in what they want, they usually email me their list with lots of links, so I can just click and buy, easy peasy!!!!  The three little ones is a different story, Olivia, 6, seriously wants everything she sees on TV, every day at least a few times a day, I hear "Mom come here quick and see this, I really want this for Christmas", this is one of the reasons I don't shop early, because they tend to change their mind often.  My little boys are at that stage where they are really not into toys anymore, and are very into electronics, video games and clothes, but that still doesn't prevent that normal week before Christmas, hey mom can I add something else to my list.  I always try and get them what they are asking for and then add a surprise or two in there, something they may not have asked for, but something I just know they will love.  Below are a few things that would make some great last minute gift ideas, or little extras for your loved ones!

Pretty much every woman I know would love to have is inexpensive and great little extra to give someone.

Candles...who doesn't love a great smelling house.  I love receiving candles as gifts!  I was at Yankee Candle a few weeks ago and they had a special buy 2 large candles, get 2 large candles free, I got 4 candles for $60, that is $15 per candle, awesome fairly inexpensive gift.

This needs no explanation...CHOCOLATE....I mean who wouldn't love to get something like this!!!

Nail Polish....I am sure lots of ladies on your gift list love having pretty nails...this would make a great little gift to give your babysitter!

For all the coffee lovers out fun to get a cute travel mug and maybe add a Starbucks gift card.

So there you have it, just a few things that would make great last minute gifts.  Hope you all have a great day!.  Thanks for stopping by sure to check back tomorrow to see my Friday Favorites.


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    1. Thanks girl. Just today I was at bath and body picking up last minute teacher gifts!!!!!

  2. I like the travel mug!

    1. They have a great assortment of travel mugs this season! Thanks for reading.