Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday Ladies...hope everyone had a great I wish the weekends wouldn't go so quickly!
Seriously...don't we all feel like this on a Monday!!!!

We did not have a super exciting weekend over here...which was actually quite nice..we have been so crazy lately, so it was very nice to just kind of hang out all weekend and not do too much of anything!!!!  My hubby is heading out of town next weekend, then the following weekend we begin celebrating Christmas with family, so it was just perfect to hang out and not do too much!!!

Friday night we were all in our pajamas by 6:00, we cuddled up on the couch and watched Santa Clause 2...totally laid back and totally perfect!  AJ has that "mom seriously stop with the pictures" face!!! 

The kiddos woke up to this Saturday morning, Buddy the Elf brought some treats for the kiddos and some candy canes to hang on the tree...perfect way to start the day...sugar high!!!!

Hanging the candy canes on the tree..Olivia has been OBSESSED with wearing this fairy dress, she wears it every day as soon as she gets home from school, and she put it on first thing this morning....

She came downstairs the other morning and proudly announced "mom I got dressed, and I am ready for school"....she seriously wanted to wear the fairy dress and wings to school....telling her she couldn't made for a very stressful start to our day!!!!!!

It was a rainy day here all day Saturday, the only reason I like rainy days, is because I get to wear my favorite rain boots ...

I love these I put on my leggings , a white tee, and my vest, I bought this one a few years ago, but this one is pretty much the same, and my hubby and I headed out for a date lunch at Chili's then went grocery shopping...yup we lead a pretty glamorous life over here!!!

Saturday night we had a mish mosh for dinner...some had leftovers, some had cereal and Olivia had a cheese stick and ice cream bar...then it was in our jammies and some college football

My boys are totally into college football these days!

And there was tying up Olivia with a bathrobe belt!

When I went up to go to bed, I saw that Olivia put her American Girl doll to bed in my bed, when I asked her about this she told me that she didn't want us to get lonely at night...what a sweet and thoughtful little girl I have!

Every morning, the first thing Olivia does is run and find where the Elf is, the boys are only interested when the Elf brings treats, otherwise they could pretty much care less, well Sunday morning Olivia found Buddy and I guess he wants us to make a cake today...
Olivia is totally into the whole Elf thing..and I love that she really believes in the magic of it all...but if I am being honest, I can't wait for him to go back to the North is so stressful remembering to move him every darn night!!!  

We made a few homemade pizzas and watched a bunch of football, (ugh my Jets lost in overtime), and then we made our cake the Elf left for us!

Olivia has a fierce love of sprinkles!!

So there you have it....our weekend...nothing fancy or glamorous, definitely low key, but perfect in my book!!!! Hope everyone else had a great weekend!!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have the best day!!!!

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