Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!  I am so glad it is Friday....I am so ready for the weekend!!!  Today I am linking up with AndreaErika , and Narci and sharing my Friday Favorites.....grab the graphic and link up!!!!

One of my sweet Olivia...we have been having some serious struggles in the mornings before school, she pretty much cries and throws a fit every day before school....yet when she gets off the bus she always tells me she had the best day ever....I hate sending her off each morning upset, but I do love hearing how great her day always is.  

On Tuesday she was NOT happy about going to school, or having her picture taken...but even in her grumpy moods she is still a favorite of mine!!

This week we got to celebrate AJ turning 11, its so hard to believe he is 11 really is true when they say time sadly does...

Total cutie and totally another favorite of mine!!

Christmas is my favorite time of year and having my tree up and our home decorated for the holidays is absolutely one of my FAVORITE things.  I love when the day is done, the kids are in bed and I can just sit on my couch, turn off the lights, put on a Christmas movie and just enjoy our tree, the lights, the just makes me happy!!!

I love candles pretty much any time of the year, but I especially love them at Christmas time, my favorite scent during the holidays is the Yankee Candle Christmas Eve Candle, however back in the fall I was shopping at Anthro and bought their pumpkin candle and absolutely fell in love with it, so last week I was at the mall picking up a few things, stopped in Anthro and got this candle, and it smells fabulous and I just love it.  I will be heading back there this weekend to pick up a few more to use as holiday gifts!!!!

So there you have Friday Favorites this week.  Be sure to grab the graphic at the top of the page and  link up.  Can't wait to read everyone's favorites this week!  Have a great weekend....see you back here Monday!!!!


  1. Poor Olivia and poor you!!! E had a few days she didn't want to go and those mornings were so hard!! I feel for you!!

    1. Girl I guess being 6 is tough! Ha!!!!