Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Book Review

Happy Wednesday Ladies!
Hope you all are having a great week so far!

Thank you to everyone who left comments on the blog, Instagram or Facebook yesterday wishing Jack a Happy Birthday!  He appreciated all the well wishes and we had a great night celebrating him!
Today I am doing my monthly book review.  I only read 2 books last month, definitely didn't have as much time as I would have liked to read!
If you want to check out my January book review you can do that here .

I enjoyed this book as I do with all Liane Moriarty books.  For me, I found this one took me a few chapters to really "get into it".  But once I did, it definitely was hard to put down.  I thought it was a little far fetched at times, like if I knew someone was stalking me, hands down no matter what I would go to the  I would definitely recommend this book for sure though!
I absolutely LOVED this book!  It was hard to put down, and I love when a book draws me in like that.  This book is about a woman, who is abducted at an open house she is doing.  She recounts everything that happened during the time she was abducted at sessions with her shrink.  She is finally able to  break free, but endures some awful heartache and loss during the time she is held captive.  I'm not going to give the ending away, but I was BLOWN AWAY, never saw it coming...girls this book was GOOD.  If you're looking for a great read, get this book!
So that's it, all I read was two books!  Hoping to read at least 3 this month!  Keep your suggestions coming, I have been jotting them down...I'm so thankful for them all!
See you guys back here tomorrow for my March goals and a recap of my February goals!


  1. Ooooh Still Missing sounds exactly what I'd enjoy! Thanks for the rec!

  2. I read Still Missing years ago and loved it then, too!

  3. Adding Still Missing to my book list to borrow ASAP!