Monday, March 28, 2016

Let's Talk


Happy Monday Ladies!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  Ours was low key, and nice.  We are still learning to adjust to the holidays and not having any family around!
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Today it's all about Moms...and what I love most about my life is being a mom.  Ever since I was little girl, all I ever wanted was to grow up, get married and be a mom.  I guess I can say my dreams came true.  As I am sure any mom out there would agree, being a mom is the hardest, yet most rewarding job ever.  I have been a mom for 24 years, and I have definitely had my share of bad days, but I wouldn't trade a single second, not even the really tough times, being a mother has brought me so much happiness. 

Sometimes I still can't believe I have adult children, I feel like just yesterday they were born!  I was a very young mom, I was 18 when Brooke was born.  People would, and still do, ask me if I regretted having a child so young, if I feel like I missed out on things because I had a child so young.  I never once ever thought I had missed out on anything, honestly I felt the exact opposite.  I would never recommend to anyone to have a baby at 18, because it just isn't easy, but I wouldn't change a thing.  I never once felt I missed out on anything...I had a perfect little baby, who filled my life with so much meaning and love.  Yes I was forced to grow up quickly, I had real responsibilities, and though my family was extremely supportive of me, my mom made it VERY clear to me that this was my child, my responsibility.  Kenny and I had to figure out a way to make it all work, pay for diapers, formula, childcare, doctor visits...I was forced to grow up REAL quick, but I wouldn't change a thing.  Yes our friends were going out, taking vacations, spending their money on all sorts of fun stuff, and there we were, two young kids, I was 18 and Kenny was 23, working our butts off to have just enough money for the baby's necessities.  Some days were really tough, but we stuck together, and did what we needed to do to provide for this new little family that we chose to have.  For us, it worked out, we got married and went on to have 4 more children. 

Motherhood has been everything I thought it would be and more, and then so much that I never expected.  I remember when I had Brooke, my heart seriously could have exploded, I was so in love with my daughter, and I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Harrison I was scared, scared I wouldn't be able to love him near as much as I loved Brooke, I mean how could I???  It really is true what they say, you don't have to divide the love, it just multiplies...and I have seen it happen 5times.  A mother always has enough love!  It really is amazing! 

Being a mom is TOUGH, and I always find myself questioning if I am doing a good job, and then I quickly remember, there is no such thing as a "perfect mom", everyday I just do the best that I can, and hope and pray that I am raising my children to be good people.  That is really all we can do right?  Over the years I have questioned a lot of my parenting, but as a mother with two adult children, I can look at them and know that no I was never a "perfect" mom, I definitely did something right.  All those times I thought they weren't listening to me, they were, there is truly no greater joy than looking at your adult child knowing they turned out great.

I am so fortunate to have been blessed with an amazing mother, and a grandmother that was simply the BEST!

My biggest supporter, my biggest critic and my best friend.  My mother is an amazing woman, and one of the strongest women I know.  If I can be half the mother to my children that she was to me, I will be lucky.  My mother instilled in me from a very young age how truly important family is.  She showed me that nothing is given, it must be earned.  She taught me that hard work is the only way to succeed.  She taught me that sitting around complaining about things doesn't do a damn bit of good, you get out there and you make the changes you need to, in order to find happiness.  She taught me that money doesn't buy happiness, but being a good person, having morals, values and standards and always doing the right thing, even when it's easier not to, brings the truest of happiness. 

This lucky am I that I got to have her in my life for 40 years!  My grandmother, one of a kind!  She was always the life of the party, she was opinionated and always spoke her mind, no matter what!  She was the leader of our family, no one loved her family like my granny did.  She amazed me!  She had 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren, I can't tell you what it means to me knowing that all my 5 children knew her and have a memory of her.  Family was all that mattered to my grandmother, she passed that on to my mother, who passed it on to me, and I am so thankful for that! 

So that is my story of motherhood, what being a mom is to me, and the two amazing women who I am fortunate enough to call mom and grandma!

Hope you guys have a great day!  See you back here tomorrow!


  1. That's amazing that all your kids knew your grandmother...what a gift! Have a great day, Kimm!

    1. It truly is a gift. She was such a remarkable woman!

  2. I love this post! I can tell how good of a momma you are and how much you love your kiddos. I feel very similar to you in that respect. We both LOVE being mommas! And then how much you love your mom!! So sweet!!!

  3. Great post, Kimm! And you're right, being a mother IS TOUGH! We've got to hang in there for each other! We can't let them win! HAHAHA!

  4. I had my first daughter when I was 20 years old, so I can relate to having to grow up fast. Like you said, though, it was the best thing I ever did!

    1. Definitely not easy being a young mom...but the reward is so great! Thanks for stopping by today

  5. As a mom of five I can attest to how difficult mothering can be. I had my oldest at 19 and my yougest when I was 40. Yes I am crazy! You are so right about all the struggles being worth it, even when you just want to go hide from your kids or feel like you will pass out if you do another load of laundry. We do our best and when we mess up, just try to do better the next day. An extra glass of wine can help a little too at the end of the day!