Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Favorite Summer Shoes

Happy Tuesday Ladies!
Hope your week is off to a great start!  We are enjoying spring break over here...it is really so nice to just kind of move at our own pace...no alarm clocks...we love that!
I don't know how the weather is by you, but here it is HOT, I feel like we won't have a spring here in Florida, we will just go directly to summer!  Our temps have been in the upper 80's lately, so I have warm-weather clothes and shoes on the brain big time!   I am glad we did get some cooler weather here this winter, and I was able to wear my booties and some of my other favorite winter clothes!
I love shoes, I have a lot of shoes.  I have all different kinds of shoes, I have shoes I love that have come from Target and didn't cost me much, and then I have some shoes that I have paid some decent money for and love.  For me, I don't mind spending a little bit more and shoes, especially if I will wear them for years, I feel like I really get my money's worth, and it is really the same as buying multiple new pairs of shoes each season. 
I am a huge flip flop girl, even when we lived in Charlotte, I wore them all the time, even in the winter months! 
I am a huge Tory Burch shoe fan...I have a few pairs of her shoes, and I love them all.  Yes, they are a little pricey, but some of them I have had for over 3 years, and still wear them to this day, and they still look great. 
These are probably the most worn pair of shoes I own.  They are great to throw on to run a few errands, wear around the house, out to grab the mail, and they are awesome for the beach.  I wear the heck out of these.  Mine are getting pretty worn out, and I am thinking I may get the beige color this time when I order them!  If you are looking for a great, everyday flip flop that is cute, you should definitely check these out!
The Tory Burch Miller Sandal is probably hands down my favorite!  I have this gold pair, and I also have them in the sand patent color.  Now I realize these are a bit pricey, however, I am still wearing the sand color ones, and I have had them for 4 years, and they are still in GREAT condition.  I love throwing them on with a pair of shorts, a little sundress, jeans, pretty much anything, and they are always the perfect little shoe!  I am hoping to add the white ones to my closet this summer:)  I found these run a bit on the smaller size, and I had to size up a half size!
I bought my first pair of Jack Rogers last summer, and I really LOVE them.  I got mine in the Platinum color, it is a really great neutral and they go with pretty much everything!  I found I did also need to size up a half size in these also, and the first time I wore them they were definitely a bit "stiff", but now they are broken in and I love them!  I think the cork ones are just adorable too!
These 3 pair of shoes, definitely the shoes that I wear the most during the spring and summer months, and now living in Florida, I wear them lots more! 
Would love to hear what your go-to shoe is for the warm summer months!  Hope you all have a great day today!  See you back here tomorrow!


  1. Since I was in college I have always had a pair of black, thin strap Reefs, and a pair of thin strap natural leather Rainbows. By far those are my most worn shoes. I think I've had three pairs of each, which means I get years and years out of each pair. Perfect for #FloridaLife. My "dressier" flip flops are usually from Target because I don't wear them much (I'm either super casual or dressed up w/ heels). But I do have a pair of pink Lilly Pulitzer flip flops that match all my Lilly's and last year I bought a pair of black TB Miller's and wore them a lot too. I love living in Florida and I love flip flops! I never wear sneakers unless I'm working out. Not even to Disney.

  2. Sam Edelman GiGi sandals are my favorite, along with the Sanuk's for running around in and I am thinking of getting a pair of Kate Spade navy sandals but not sure I want to spend the money! I looked at the Tory Burch but girl....I just don't know if I can bite the bullet. It would definitely be on my Wish List for Tony to buy me for Mother's Day!

    1. They are expensive but I think totally worth it. I've had the same brown pair for years!!! Love love love them ;). I do have some Sam edelmans. Always a good show there

  3. Hope you're ok!!

    1. I am'. The kids have been home all week for spring break and well blogging took a major back seat!!!!!

  4. My Sam Edelman Gigi sandals are totally my faves. I haven't taken the Tory Burch plunge but if I did that is the pair I would buy