Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Olivia Grace

Happy Monday Ladies! 
We are officially on spring break over here and it is making all of us happy to turn off those alarms!
So.....yesterday my little girl turned 8....I seriously don't even know how that is even possible, because I swear it feels like just yesterday she was born. 
Olivia Grace....a perfect bundle of pink!
I don't think there is anything more precious than watching a sleeping baby...I seriously spent many of her first days just staring at her!
Olivia was a "surprise" for us, we really didn't plan on having anymore children, 4 was enough for us...but God had another plan, and he sure knew what he was doing!  Olivia completed our family perfectly, and she has brought nothing but joy and happiness to our lives, every single day for the past 8 years!
Time flies...that saying is pretty darn true, the years just seem to be flying right by, much faster than I would prefer!
I am one of those women who really struggle with my kids growing up so quickly.  And it really is petty amazing to watch your children go from little helpless beings, into responsible adults, that being said though it still kinda sucks!  I hear so many parents say "I can't wait to get past the baby stage", "I can't wait until they are out of diapers" , "I can't wait until they are in school", etc...but I NEVER ever felt that way, I felt like those early years flew by so so fast, and I wish the baby days lasted just a bit longer! 
After having 3 boys, having another little girl was just the BEST!  I was so happy when she was born, having my world filled with all things pink again! 
Olivia is such a fun little girl, and she has such a great little personality!  For the most part she is really a very good little girl, however, oh boy she sure has her moments, she is FULL of sass, and so many times something will come out of her mouth, I just look at her, and say to myself, oh boy she is SO my daughter!
That sweet little face, and that thumb....
One of my favorite pictures of her...bath time and lots of bubbles always for this girl!
I look back at these pictures and I get so feels like just yesterday she was little, and now she is such a big girl!
And she still has this little pout face:)
Olivia's personality is the best.  And she loves posing for pictures...
There is that little pout face again:)
The girl loves to dress up, and by dress up I mean dress herself in hangers, shoe boxes, plastic bags, or just putting together some really "funky" outfits that she thinks are fabulous!
I just love my crazy, wild little girl!
Olivia makes us laugh all the time, she comes out with some pretty funny stuff!  She is smart, and loves to learn, she is such a little sponge, that soaks everything up!  She loves all things arts and crafts...she is constantly making creations over here! 
It has been nothing short of wonderful, watching her go from a little bundle of pink perfection, into a smart, caring, sweet, funny little girl.  There are times when I look at her and my eyes will just fill with tears, happy tears because I am so blessed to be her mom, and sad tears because I have blinked my eyes and my baby is just not a baby anymore.  All of Olivia's milestones have been so bittersweet for me.  All of her "firsts" are my "lasts" as a mother, and oh boy that is a tough one for me!
I have truly treasured every single second of the last 8 years with my sweet little girl.  She has brought so much joy and love into my life, and I am so beyond blessed that this little girls calls me mommy!  Happy birthday to my sweet Olivia are SO loved!
Thanks for stopping by today!  See you back here tomorrow!


  1. Oh, Kimm! Such sweet pics of Olivia. I hope she had the best day! And i'm with you, I hate seeing them grow up. Hence the reason we had to have another baby..which turned out to be TWO! :)